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Nirmal Pandey –the handsome villain

Friday, February 19, 2010, 10:51
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Sometimes life is so uncertain, as a mourning Chauhan stated. The untimely death of the ‘handsome villain’ of Bollywood proves it true to the nirmal 1 Nirmal Pandey –the handsome villainroots.

Nirmal Pandey was too young to be chosen for the trial of death. The whole Bollywood mourns through the tweets and blogs, the same slogan. Media proclaims that Nirmal Pandey was no more. Wrong! He is here, right in the tinsel world of stars which glitter through the hearts of those who have an eye for a video poetry to nip. The void he left is hard to fill. His young wife and two kids, they missed him really.

Who can forget the roaring Vikram Malliah, of the critically applauded block buster ‘Bandit Queen’? Who can forget the hijda (transvestite) of ‘Dayara’,Amol Palekar’s new born? And for the South Indians, Nirmal Pandey is synonymous with ‘kedi’, as his last appearance in the silver screen was a Telugu film, ‘Kedi’.


Nirmal Pandey was an actor par excellence, thanks to his stage back ups. Nirmal was an alumnus of National School of Drama hence the strong basement on the whole. More over, he has enacted in at least 125 stage plays before and after entering into the luring filmdom. Nirmal was a true artist, a right performer. That made him the dearest villain of Bollywood.

With his unconventional looks never befitted for the chocolate image needed to be for a minimum heroic image in Bollywood, at the time of his entry, he walked straight towards the bit roles and contended with it. It is Shekhar Kapoor who had given him a break through the much commended ‘Bandit queen’. After its launch people started enquiring about this ‘handsome villain’.

Nirmal Pandey could essay different roles both in parallel and commercial movies. While ‘Bandit Queen’ acclaimed him a nightmare for all the women folk of the country, through Vikram Malliah, he breathed life to a soft-hearted Pakistani in the movie ‘Lahore’, which is released just after 24 hours of his death.

That really shocks, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan, the director of the movie. Chauhan, almost a new face in the Hindi film Industry recollects the unparalleled co-operation Nirmal rendered, despite an experienced actor’s embellishments. In the minus 20 degree Celsius at Ladakkh, while working on the project, Nirmal Pandey was motivating Chauhan saying, ‘you will be rewarded for your sincere efforts’.

Acclaimed, but…

‘Train to Pakistan’, ‘Hum tum pe marte hai’, etc are his much acclaimed movies by critics as well as the public. Along with this enroute reception, he could win the hearts of all Hindi speaking world through ‘Pyar kiya to darna kya’, ‘is raat ki subah nahi’ and ‘hud kardi apana’.

nirmal2 Nirmal Pandey –the handsome villainWhat’s more, he was besides our dining table, or in our drawing room in ‘Hatin’ and ‘Princess Dollie aur uska magic bag’, the dearie TV serials of the domestics.

Beginning his career on stage, he never put him back with it even after involved in the charms of Bollywood. He has done plays like ‘Heer Ranjah’ and ‘Antigone’ before a live mammoth gathering. Nirmal Pandey was associated with a London-based theatre group, Tara.

Today, ‘Lahore’ is being released through the multiplexes. But Nirmal Pandey is not here to watch it to see and evaluate the soft-spoken Pakistani in the rival soil among the affectionate.

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